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Read on-line or download in PDF file the most important magazines in dentistry field from Dental Tribune International : Cosmetic Dentristry Interantional, Cosmetic Dentristry Romania, CAD/CAM, Roots, Implants, Ortho

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Comprehensive esthetic dentristry

After editions in Romanian and English, Quintessence International Publishing is printing the Chinese edition of 'Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry' - edited by Dr. Florin Lazarescu.

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During 2017, SSER will organize a series of theoretical and practical courses . Subscribe now.
You can attend classes free or charge.

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The best known worldwide newspaper distributed free of charge during exhibitions, becomes starting from 2013, the official newspaper DENTA.

Steigmann Implant Institute - Romania - 31 mar - 1 apr 2017 * 16-17 iun 2017 * 23-24 feb 2018

Soft tissue management - theory and hands-on

Module 1, 31 march & 1 april 2017
Soft tissue management for bone augmentation

Module 2, 16 & 17 june 2017
Soft tissue management for the esthetic zone

Module 3, 23 & 24 february 2018
Soft tissue management – Prosthetic soft tissue development

Details and registration modules:

  • all modules includes theoretical and hands-on sessions
  • all modules are in Romanian language
  • minimum number of participants is 15 doctors / module
  • the venue is : Steigmann Implant Institute Romania – Dr. Louis Pasteur Street No. 1A, Bucharest
  • registrations are made only on our website section Courses

Payment details:

  • payment for 2 modules consists in a discount of 5% from the total fee
  • payment for 3 modules consists in a discount of 10% from the total fee
  • additionaly you can benefit from a discount of 5% if the fee is paid 30 days prior to the course
  • the venue is : Steigmann Implant Institute Romania – Dr. Louis Pasteur Street No. 1A, Bucharest
  • all fees are paid directly to Steigmann Implant Institute Germany

    Finanzamt Frankfurt a. M. 04523165677
    Commerzbank Frankfurt
    IBAN: DE80 5008 0000 0261 1612 00

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